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Product Instructions
Grifter Instructions (MC)
Assembly & Mounting Instructions:
1)Assemble the lock into the Grifter using thread locking compound or RTV sealant on threads.
2)Press the o-ring seal into the groove in the bottom side of the Grifter’s interior. The ends should terminate along the edge closest to the hinge.
3)Install the retention pouch to an interior surface of the Grifter. Use this to secure paper documents.
4)Determine the desired mounting orientation that allows the box to be opened easily. Lock up. Lock down and lock sideways are acceptable. Do not mount the Grifter flat, i.e., license plate facing towards the sky as this may allow water entry under some conditions.
5)Drill mounting holes in the box as required and install with appropriate fasteners. (See below.)

Motorcycle Installation Instructions:
1)Remove the license plate from the cycle.
2)Using a 9/32" or 17/64" drill bit, drill holes at the pilot marks (seen on the inside of the Grifter)that will allow the chosen mounting orientation.
3)Mount the Grifter using the included hardware (2 bolts & locknuts).
4)Install the license plate to the face of the Grifter using the included hardware (4 screws).

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